Part 2

By Keith Maart

Part 2: The CIA’s Assessment of Israeli Intelligence: Israel’s Methods and Means to Conduct False Flag Operations Utilizing Deep Cover Operatives and Other Processes

A 2001 Army School of Advanced Military Studies (SAMS) report called the Israeli armed forces a 500-pound gorilla that had been known to disregard international law to accomplish its mission. Of the Mossad, SAMS said: “Wildcard. Ruthless and cunning. Has capability to target U.S. forces and make it look like a Palestinian/Arab act.”[1] In other words, the Mossad has the capability of committing acts of false flag terrorism and making it look like an Arab undertaking. Israel’s use of false flag operations is a well-established fact that was basically corroborated by the CIA twenty-two years earlier.

When the Iranian students captured the US embassy in Tehran in November 1979 a multi-volume CIA and State Department file was found which included a March 1979 CIA Assessment of Israeli Intelligence (“Israeli Intel Assessment”). The Washington Post and Boston Globe ran articles relating to the various CIA documents in early 1982, with the reputable but now defunct Counter Spy-Magazine publishing the entire Israeli Intel Assessment in May-June 1982.[2] A Washington Post article in May 1991, also vouched for the authenticity of the CIA documents that were taken from the U.S. embassy in Tehran.[3]

One of Counter-Spy’s co-founders was ex-CIA agent Philip Agee who became a leading opponent of CIA practices and its support for authoritarian governments in Latin America.[4] Agee resigned from the CIA after 11 years of service in 1968 when he became disillusioned with the CIA’s subversion and sabotage of democratically elected governments and other movements for social justice. In his 1975 book, Inside the Company: CIA Diary, Agree named U.S. intelligence agents in Europe and Latin America.[5]

Ironically, Counter-Spy’s public identification of U.S. intelligence agents led to the 1982 Intelligence Identities Protection Act (IIPA), protecting agents’ identities. The law would later come into play in the investigation of the Valerie Plame (CIA agent) where Dick Cheney’s Chief of Staff, Scooter Libby, leaked her name to the media as retaliation against her husband (Joe Wilson) for contradicting the Bush Administration’s false claims that Saddam Hussein was trying to acquire yellow cake uranium from Nigeria.[6]

The Israeli Intel Assessment is very detailed and specific and provides a summary of each of Israel’s four primary intelligence agencies (i.e., Mossad, Shin Beth, Military Intelligence, and the National Police). Most of the information in the publication has been derived from a variety of sources including covert assets of the CIA, publications of the Israeli Government, and reports prepared by the U.S. Department of Defense. It also lists 19 “Supplementary Overt Publication” sources that mostly include Israeli government and intelligence-related books written primarily by Israeli and Jewish authors.

Former Mossad chief Isser Harel called the assertions of the CIA Assessment of Israeli Intelligence “malicious, dilettantish, distortions… but probably authentic.”
Former Mossad chief Isser Harel called the assertions of the CIA Assessment of Israeli Intelligence “malicious, dilettantish, distortions… but probably authentic.”

The Israeli Intel Assessment provides in depth insight into Israel’s intelligence apparatus, including its methods and processes. In an interview with Israeli newspaper Ma’ariv in the early 1980’s, former Mossad chief Isser Harel (1953-63) called the assertions of the document “malicious, dilettantish, distortions… but probably authentic,” and stated that the publication of the document had been a nightmare for him.[7]Coincidently, in a conversation with Christian Zionist Michael Evans in 1979, Harel allegedly predicted that the tallest building in New York City (i.e., the World Trade Center) will someday be attacked by Islamic fundamentalists.[8] Are these the words of a prophet or spymaster who knew what it would take to bring America to its knees and to side with Israel?

The CIA document basically shows that Israel has the means and experience to carry out false flag attacks by recruiting Arabs as deep cover operatives in covert operations, something they most likely did in the 9/11 operation. Deep cover operatives are often planted years in advance of the execution of an operation and can take on identities and backgrounds to fit the operation (i.e., “covert legends”). Among many other important findings, following are some Israeli intelligence processes and methods that could have been pertinent to the 9/11 operation (references to sections of the Israeli Intel Assessment are given in parentheses):

  • The Israeli intelligence and security community is completely loyal and if the government requested the execution of a certain task, legal or illegal, it would be accomplished. (Section A.3.b)
  • Mossad is also charged with inciting disturbances calculated to create mutual distrust among the Arabs and to draw Western sympathy away from the Arab cause. (Section B.1)
  • Much of the activity against the Arabs in the Near East is based on “deep cover operations” by Israeli illegals or the recruitment of Arabs in third countries followed by their dispatch or normal rotation back home to Arab areas (see Part 3). (Section B.2)
  • Elishu (Eli) Cohen, an Egyptian-born Jew, was involved in Israeli sabotage operations (false flag attacks) against American and British installations in Egypt in 1952. (Section B.2) Cohen’s sabotage operation became known as the Lavon Affair, a confirmed Israeli false flag operation against the US (see Part 8).[9]
  • The assessment provides two examples of past Israeli “deep cover” operations, where Israeli/Jewish operatives were put in place years in advance to establish other identities and backgrounds (i.e., covert “legends”). One operation required Egyptian Eli Cohen to take the identity of a Syrian Arab while the other operation required Israeli Johann Lotz to move to Germany for a couple of years to establish an identity as a German African Corps officer (see Part 3, 4 amd 20). (Section B.2) [10])
  • Israel devotes a considerable portion of its covert operations to obtaining scientific and technical intelligence; this includes attempts to penetrate classified defense projects in the United States and other Western nations (see Part 7). (Section B.4)
  • Many Israelis were born and educated in Arab countries and appear more Arab than Israeli in speech, demeanor and attitude. By forging passports and other identity documents of Arab and Western countries, and providing sound background legends and cover, Mossad has successfully sent into Egypt and other Arab countries Israelis disguised and documented as Arabs or citizens of European countries (see Parts 3, 4 and 20). (Section B.4)
  • Israel has used false-flag recruitment pitches extensively and successfully. In several cases they approached citizens of Western European countries [usually Arab] under the cover of a local NATO intelligence organization for operations in Arab target countries (see Part 8). (Section B.4)
  • Shin Beth has picked up genuine Arab espionage agents on their way back to neighboring countries and doubled them (I.e., turned them into Israeli spies) in coordination with Military Intelligence. (Section C.4)
  • Unofficial Zionist organizations based in Israel and Jewish communities throughout the world also give aid to Israeli intelligence operations when needed (see Part 5). (Section A.2)
  • Mossad activities are generally conducted through Israeli official and semiofficial establishments, deep cover enterprises in the form of firms and organizations (i.e., front companies), some especially created for, or adaptable to, a specific objective, and penetrations effected within non-Zionist national and international Jewish organizations (see Parts 21, 23, and 24). (Section B.4)
  • Israeli government organizations that provide support to Israel intelligence and security community are the Ministries of Finance and Tourism, El Al, and the national shipping line, Zim….Official organizations used for [Israeli intelligence] cover are Israeli Purchasing Missions and Israeli Government Tourist, El Al, and Zim offices. Israeli construction firms, industrial groups and international trade organizations also provide non-official cover (see Part 19). (Section B.4)
  • Individuals working under deep or illegal cover are normally charged with penetrating objectives that require a long-range, more subtle approach, or with activities in which the Israeli government can never admit complicity (see Parts 3, 4, 19, 20, 21, 23, and 24). (Section B.4) That is, to provide “plausible deniability” to the Israeli government.
  • The fact that Lebanon has a mix of Christians, Druze, and Muslim population had made that country attractive for intelligence projects and Israel has covert assets and runs operations in Lebanon (see Part 3). (Section B.1)

The CIA’s Assessment of Israeli Intelligence provides several important points to consider when evaluating Israel’s likely involvement in the 9/11 false flag attacks. First, Israel recruits Arabs from other countries and turns them into spies for Israel to assist in Israel’s various intelligence operations. Secondly, Many Israelis are born and raised in Arab countries and appear more Arab than Israeli. Israel also uses these individuals in covert operations and has provided them with fraudulent documents (including passports) from Western European countries. Thirdly, Israeli intelligence uses “deep cover” operatives who will take on another identity (“legend”) and who will be placed in another country several years in advance of the execution of the covert operation.

Eli Cohen: Egyptian deep cover operative for Israel "and" false flag terrorist (Lavon Affair)
Eli Cohen: Egyptian deep cover operative for Israel “and” false flag terrorist (Lavon Affair)

The Israeli Intel Assessment provided two examples to show how Israel uses “deep cover” operatives in its covert operations. In one example, Eli Cohen, an Egyptian-born Jew, was involved in Israeli sabotage operations against American and British installations in Egypt in 1952. The Mossad recruited Cohen for the covert operation to help develop intelligence networks and acquire political and military information in Syria. Cohen adopted the identity of the late Kamil Amin Thabet, a Syrian-born merchant, who immigrated to Argentina in 1961 where he became an active member of the Arab community. Cohen eventually returned to Syria in 1962 where he was assisted by two Arabs who had previously been recruited by the Israelis. Cohen made numerous contacts with Syrian political and military personnel, and was eventually caught in Syria (1965), convicted of spying for Israel and hanged.[11]

The second example of an Israeli “deep cover” operative is Johann Wolfgang Lotz (aka Zeev Gur Arich), an officer in the Israeli Military who went undercover in 1959 as a former Nazi officer to infiltrate special weapons activity by German scientists in Egypt. After receiving training in Israel he went to Germany, married a German woman (while still being married to an Israeli woman), and surfaced as an East German refugee and former African Corps officer. Lotz then moved to Cairo (1960/61) and opened a riding academy where he made the acquaintance of a number of prominent and well-placed Egyptians. Lotz also made a number of trips to Western Europe for debriefing and was eventually caught and imprisoned in 1965 and sent back to Israel in 1968 in a prisoner trade.[12]

Much of the above Israeli intelligence modus operandi was apparently put into action in the 9/11 false flag operation. Parts 7 and 8 will describe Israel’s well documented history of false flag operations and damaging counterintelligence crimes against the U.S.A., while Part 3, 4, and 20 will provide additional evidence that Israel most likely recruited at least a couple of the Hamburg pilot hijackers as deep cover operatives for the 9/11 covert operation.

Part 2: References and Endnotes:

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SAMS assessment of the Mossad and Israeli military was in conjunction with a hypothetical plan for sending peacekeepers to Israel in the event that Israel and Palestinians agree to a peace plan and the creation of a new Palestinian state. The report attempts to predict events in the first year of a peacekeeping operation and then assess the possible dangers for US troops on both sides.

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[10]  Like Johann Lotz who ran an Israeli deep cover operation out of Germany, there is evidence that Israel also used Germany to run deep cover operatives in the 9/11 operation. Mohammed Atta went to Hamburg, Germany, in July 1992 to attend school, and Ziad Jarrah and Marwan Shehhi both moved to Germany in April 1996. According to the 9/11 Commission Report (Section 5.3), it was in Hamburg that the three pilot hijackers allegedly became radicalized fundamentalists (see Parts 3, 4, and 20). Or did they just take on covert legends like Eli Cohen and Johann Wolfgang Lots?         

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